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Security & Technology

The Edinburgh Club employs the latest technology and security features providing the peace of mind you need. Below is an overview these features. For more information, please contact us.

Security Entry Systems

Keyless Entry – SALTO access control platform enables user control and provides a totally wire free networked electronic locking solution. All communications between the carrier and the electronic lock are encrypted and secure. Features include:

  • Deadbolt privacy function with key override
  • Lock case, latch and deadbolt made of steel.
  • Emergency opening via portable programming device (PPD).
  • Non-volatile memory is not deleted, even if power fails


Intercom System

A site station in each apartment allows the tenant to be called from and converse with the visitor in the vestibule. After verifying the visitor’s identity, the tenant may admit the visitor by momentarily pressing the button marked “door” which triggers the electric door strike. Automatic level control (ALC) circuit to ensure voice intelligibility. Built-in features include: timed door release silent door release and post office release.


Camera Monitoring

Covering the common areas of building with offsite/remote monitoring.

The TruVision IP Open Standards dome cameras bring state-of-the-art, high definition pictures to the mass video surveillance market, these IP cameras represent a flexible video surveillance device to meet any need. Equipped with advanced technology and signal processing capability, they effectively capture video under challenging conditions. Features include:

  • True Day/Night functionality and infrared illuminators to capture images in various lighting scenarios
  • Integrated motion detection and privacy masking
  • Alarm inputs and outputs provide easy notification and control of events

Fire Alarm System

Offsite monitoring ensures the proper responses and procedures are followed when fire alarms, fire troubles, and fire supervisory alarms from your fire alarm or sprinkler system are received, and that your system is in good working order.

The iO-Series fire alarm represents a whole new standard for small building life safety. It builds on a long tradition of excellence drawing on some of the most innovative detection technologies ever developed.

With Signature Series intelligence, you’re covered by the most advanced detection technology from the world leader in life safety and security innovation. Signature Series achieves flawless detector reliability with sophisticated sensing and processing that actually thinks for itself.

Making the best of true multisensor capability, signature detectors continually monitor the environment with their on-board sensors, each of which is finely tuned to detect a different characteristic of combustion. All this information is gathered and run through a sophisticated algorithm that compares the sensor readings over time to known signatures of fires. The key to reliability here is that Signature detectors don’t simply react to the conditions – they interpret information from several sources over time to arrive at a carefully “considered” conclusion.
This means that a single multisensor detector can distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp of smoke; between hot, humid weather and a serious life safety condition.


Elevators have dedicated emergency telephone lines so that anyone trapped in an elevator can call for help. From our ULC-listed monitoring station, we respond immediately to offer assurance to the caller that help is on the way, and notify the appropriate authorities and property references to get help.